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Vet Clinic Downtown of Warsaw

Our Vet Clinics offer full range of med-veterinary services in the nice, calm, and friendly atmosphere.
We provide professional assistance in comfortable conditions.

Our clinic is

  • Spacious surgeries;
  • the separate room for surgical and other procedures;
  • the huge waiting room which helps reduce stress to which our waiting patients are exposed.

We offer supreme quality services in the following area:

  • Infectious disease prevention, parasite infection prevention, ectoparasite infestation prevention (ticks, fleas, scrabies);
  • internal disease medicine, dermatology, surgical procedures for small pets (dogs, cats) and for accompany pets (hamster, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, domestic ferrets);
  • ophthalmology, dentistry;
  • orthopaedic and cardiologic consultancy (X-Ray, USG, ECG);
  • paediatric and geriatric (seniors) consultancy;
  • upkeep services (bathing, coat cutting, combing, claw cutting);
  • the full scope of laboratory analyses (morphology, biochemistry, infectious disease tests, urine and faeces tests, microbiological and pathomorphology tests).

Our veterinary surgeons provide high standard assistance and keep their professional qualifications improved through various training courses intended for professional veterinary surgeons.